User agrees not to post any type of pornographic material,or violence/hate pages on websites hosted by Host Mart.The user agrees not to post material on our servers that is against Host Mart.This constitutes advertisments and programming intended to harm our business and site content intended to harm our servers the sites we host or other internet servers.

All information posted on websites hosted by Host Mart must be of legal nature. We will not tolerate any type of fraud, violation of copyright laws, hacks/warez, or anything of harmful nature.

Use of Resources:
We reserve the right to determine if an application is misusing resources and may request removal of application.

We do not allow the use of our servers to be a haven for spamming purposes. Users may not send unsolicited email.

Host Mart reserves the right to discontinue service to any user that it feels violates any of these rules or for any reason that it finds to be valid for discontinual of service. Websites that are found to be violating the Terms of Service will be blocked. Host mart has a 30 day billing policy if you have not paid your account in that time your account will be suspended, Sites are deleted from servers after 60 days.

Host Mart will provide a 30 day refund if a customer does not receive the expected service even afterproviding domain name information, etc. Refunds will not be honored for the following: Cancelations or for domains that get blocked because of violation of Terms of Service.